Eating in is her favourite treat

I’m always one to push buttons so every year I try it out. “Let’s EAT OUT for your birthday Mum!” The usual glare, a tiny smirk, and she’s off, reciting what she’ll be cooking for that family meal.

Eating IN is her favourite treat.

Like many Vietnamese refugees, my parents and relatives began in the rag trade working 16-hour days in the garage to make ends meet. Mum was skillful and fast, but her magic has and always will be in the kitchen. Whether she’s feeding V.I.P (us!),those unexpected but frequent drop-ins, or ‘The Village’ (our relatives), mum always exceeds expectations, both in flavour and quantity!

What she created with the little we had was amazing! And while money didn’t grow on trees, mum could grow just about everything else. The Bưởi (a large grapefruit species) is a mainstay of her garden and our family table, and half the reason for the name Mama’s Bưởi.

The other reason is pretty obvious. Not in the negative sense, but a jovial confession of my admiration and gratitude.

The Mama’s Bưởi menu is inspired by both my Mum and close aunt’s (‘Thím’) home-cooked goodness. Our best memories are centered around family meals and the banter that echoed from them. We’re happiest when everyone is enjoying great food in great company.

So make yourself at home (respectfully!) and make some memories. Just do as mum says:

“Eat, enjoy, and never leave the table hungry!”

Vô! [Yoh! – Cheers!]

Bao Hoang – Director, Self-confessed Mama’s Boy