Australia is the home to a vibrant culture that invites all kinds of cuisines and dishes that people happily consider their own. While some of these dishes do have an Australian background, a few of them have a different origin. Since Australians love the food culture, they go ahead to try different cuisines and explore all that the world has to offer. So to help you understand more about the same, here’s a list of dishes that Australians consider their own.

Green Chicken Curry Pie

Green chicken curry pie is a perfect dish for all the right reasons, and Australians love the same. The country has a number of restaurants where they serve this dish, and Aussies love to keep eating it. As a result, they did not waste any time considering it their own, although the dish comes from Thailand. Yes, that’s right. Green chicken curry pie is Thai food, and Australians love it.

Meat Pie

Meat pie is easily one of the most popular dishes in Australia. Packed with minced meat, mushrooms, gravy, onions, and some amount of beer, this particular dish is a top favourite among Australians. As a wholesome comfort food, it has managed to be in high demand and take things to a whole new level. However, it comes from the United Kingdom and thus is not a local food of Australia.


As a strong option for seafood, people love prawns and go all around the place for the same. They enjoy the delicious taste of prawns and always prefer to have it over anything else. Moreover, the over used sentence “shrimp on the barbie” is another indication that informs us about how much Australians love prawns. While it is unknown where exactly the dish originated from, the word is known to have formed in England.


Crab Sticks

Crab sticks have evolved to include several aspects and ultimately turn into a dish that everyone loves to taste. It has become an indispensable part of the culture, and one can find it all around Australia. Although it is not the local dish of the country, it has evolved into becoming one, considering the number of people who consume the same.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

Australian cousins are filled with British and Irish meals, with fish and chips being an important part of the same. It is widely available in Australia, and you can find the same at various restaurants. Thanks to that, you can always choose between the best and move ahead to make the most of the experience. In this manner, the outcome will be something to look forward to, and you will clearly love all that has been put forward.


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